Greg Schiano may be coaching Darrelle Revis soon enough, but the rampant speculation that the Jets All-Pro cornerback could be dealt to the Buccaneers in the not-so-distant future has kept the Tampa Bay head coach from saying too much right now. “We were backed up and Ray Rice popped a 60-something yard run,”Schiano said to a handful of reporters at the league meetings on Wednesday, recalling a memory when Rutgers played against Revis in college. “And the guy who tracked him down was… was… I’m not even allowed to day his name.” Sources have told the Daily News that the Jets want to trade Revis, who is rehabbing from season-ending ACL injury, if the price is right. The Buccaneers are the most serious suitor for the Pro Bowler, but the sticking point remains adequate draft compensation. It’s unlikely that the Buccaneers would part with their first-round pick (No. 13 overall) to land Revis. Sources told the News that Revis would come to the parameters of a long-term deal with the Buccaneers without much trouble if the teams come to an agreement on the draft choice compensation element of the trade. Schiano revealed that he has a detailed plan to improve his defense. But does that plan include Revis? “Well, if it does or doesn’t, I can’t comment on guys under contract with another team,” Schiano said. “I think anything we can do to help improve our football team, we’re going to do. That’s not just as simple as, ‘This player is a good player and let’s get him.’ … There’s short-term thinking, there’s long-term thinking, the grand plan of things.”