Now that was a little more like it. Though yesterday’s matinee certainly lacked the same pizzazz of the usual matchup between the two teams, the Bruins returned to playing the kind of hockey the coach expects them to play and the result was a remarkably drama-less 3-0 victory over the oddly listless Philadelphia Flyers at the Garden. If you missed a certain stretch of hockey that lasted for 2 minutes, 18 seconds in the first period when all the goals were scored, then you missed most of the entertainment. But to call this one an easy win would be to miss the point of the victory. It looked so easy precisely because the B’s worked so hard, giving the Flyers neither time nor space to set up in the offensive zone or get off decent shots. It wasn’t until the third period when the Bruins took a couple of penalties that the Flyers were finally able to apply any pressure at all, but when the visitors did goalie Tuukka Rask (23 saves) was there to preserve a shutout that belonged to the whole team. The Bruins started the week by squandering third-period leads and losing to the Montreal Canadiens and Washington Capitals (in overtime), and then playing merely OK in a victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs. The only condition Claude Julien put on the praise for his team yesterday was that he wants to see it in more than one game before he says the B’s are truly back on track.