Bryce Harper's beard is no more. 

The Washington Nationals outfielder showed up to the ballpark with a freshly shaved face on Monday. Normally, a player's facial hair (or lack thereof) wouldn't necessarily be newsworthy, but Harper's beard has become somewhat of calling card for his appearance over the past few years. And, in fairness, it was a pretty damn good beard. (R.I.P.) 

So when the media got a rare glimpse of Harper's bare face on Monday afternoon, it caught plenty of people by surprise and became a news item.

Anytime a person makes a drastic change to their hair, facial hair, or general appearance, it can be tough to process initially. Sometimes we, as a people, are resistant to change, so we often criticize the unfamiliar. 

Luckily for Bryce Harper -- a handsome person -- his face is quite palatable, with or without a beard. The change wasn't met with too much resistance.