Bryce Harper will not be watching the playoffs he said. He won’t even pay attention to the results. He cannot stomach postseason baseball when his team has been eliminated. “I couldn’t care less about it” Harper said. “I like college football. I’ll be watching that.” Harper eventually plans to lose himself in offseason weight lifting and to arrive at spring training “as big as a house.” His immediate plans are to do nothing for a month but spend time at home in Las Vegas with his family and his girlfriend. “I’m just going to settle down and lay on my couch and hang out with my dog” Harper said. Harper loves the game too much to break up with it but after his second major league season he could use a break. In the first year he spent in the majors from opening day to Game 162 Harper weathered his first significant injury drew continual debate about his style of play fell short of the postseason and produced one of the best offensive seasons ever from a 20-year-old hitter. Now that it’s over he’s going to catch his breath and clear his mind. “I’m going to enjoy it and clear my head and not stress” Harper said. “This game it stresses me out a little bit. I just want to take that month off and clear my head and not worry about anything. Working out and stuff really helps me with that. I don’t have to worry about all the B.S. and everything that goes on. “It’s just coming in here every single day and having expectations that you need to do well. I love pressure. I really do. But of course it’s going to take a toll on you all year long. The mental grind it’s pretty wearing. It’ll wear on you every single day. It’s tough.” The first thing Harper can quit worrying about his the condition of his left knee and left hip which have nagged for the better part of four months. Davey Johnson said at various points this season that he thought Harper may need minor surgery to clean up the bursitis in his knee which landed him on the disabled list for all of June. This weekend Harper said he would not need surgery only rest.