Bryce Harper has only 10 more days left as a teenager, before his 20th birthday arrives Oct. 16. Of course, he has not behaved like one all season, and his unflappable maturity didn't go anywhere with the arrival of his first postseason. As Harper stood in the Nationals' clubhouse following their workout at Busch Stadium, he seemed almost confused at the questions about how he would keep himself calm for his first playoff game. Nervous? Not when it comes to baseball, not for Bryce Harper. "I think you guys are more nervous than we are," Harper told a group of reporters. "It's just another game. It's another series. I'm excited, but I'm just going to look at like it's another game, another place that we play, another team we play. I guess when you step in box, it's going to be a lot different with the crowd and everything. But you can't look at it that way."