Whether it’s on the field or off, at home or in the spotlight, he’s finally content. It’s not difficult to see he’s grown as a person and a player, and he knows that. “I’d say I found myself,” Bryant said. “I’m comfortable with my life and I’m enjoying being in the NFL. Wish it could have been a couple of years back, but I had to go through a couple of things to figure it out. I got it, and I’m just more focused on my job and doing what I love to do, and that’s just play football.” Off the field worries held teams back from grabbing the talented receiver from Oklahoma State, who remained on the board through 23 picks in 2010 before the Cowboys selected him at No. 24 overall. The personal struggles popped up off and on throughout the early portion of his professional career. But after his domestic violence charges were conditionally dismissed during the season last year, something seemed to clicked for the receiver. That’s not to say his play and his legal circumstances are entirely correlated, but it’s not completely coincidental, either. Bryant, who broke out with career-highs in catches (92), receiving yards (1,382) and touchdowns (12) last season, knows how he changed his life for the better. “Listening and looking at people who do it right,” he said. “When I was younger, it wasn’t like I was acquainted with all of that stuff. I wasn’t used to it. I had to get around the people who do it right, and I feel like that’s been my stepping stone, these older guys.” Everything was quiet for Bryant this offseason, and that’s a positive for him and the team. Maybe getting the right “makeup” of players, as head coach Jason Garrett would refer to it, is beginning to take effect. Garrett remembers the player the Cowboys selected three years ago and how far Bryant has come since then. “There were a lot of question marks about him coming out of school, and we got our arms around what those concerns were and we drafted him and were excited to do that. He’s really developed in so many different ways since he’s been here over the course of three years,” Garrett said. "He’s certainly improved greatly as a player.” Bryant hauled in 45 catches for 561 yards and six touchdowns his rookie season. Garrett said he knew Bryant wasn’t close to being the player he was capable of becoming at that time. A year later, Bryant caught 63 passes for 928 yards and nine touchdowns. He bettered all those statistics in 2012.