1. Seriously, what is up with the Southeast this year? The Lightning are only a game in hand back of the division leading Hurricanes, with 17 points in 15 games. What do things in that division look like from your perspective? In comparison to the Northeast Division? We’re the Southleast, proper! It feels like a continuation of the 2011-12 season to be honest, and don’t focus on the Panthers winning the division. Focus on the fact no one seemed to really want to win the division, and how it was up for grabs until late-late-late in the season. That describes most of the division so far this season – streaky or outright weak play. As it stands at the moment, the Hurricanes (or, to make Sarah all warm and fuzzy inside, the Whalercanes) are the team to beat – less streaky than the Lightning have been. The Lightning have been outright bipolar (6-1-0 to start the season, 0-5-1 the next immediate six games, and now winners of their past two contests). Everyone else has been in full also-ran status. Could the also-ran status thing change for the former-Thrashers, Panthers and Capitals? Oh, sure, there is much time left on this season… But for the moment, the horse race in the division is a trot between the Hurricanes and the Bolts, and the Canes are winning.