The forecast still isn’t completely clear as to what the Bruins intend to do with roster moving forward after a stupendous regular season followed by a disappointing second-round exit in the playoffs. But change is always inevitable in the NHL, and that goes double for teams that fall prematurely to their arch-rivals in the Stanley Cup playoffs. It sounds as if the Bruins players understood this, based upon their exit meetings with the general manager and head coach. “Every player -- to a 'T' -- that I have seen was like, 'You know, we should have been there' . . . meaning going all the way, or 'We will be there next year,' ” said GM Peter Chiarelli. “We definitely feel strong. Part of my job is to filter that stuff out because I’m the manager, and they’re the players. This is a very good team. There are some tweaks here and there, but it is a very good team. “We’re strong down the middle, strong to the nets, good character, and a good core. We’ve won the Presidents’ Trophy, we beat Detroit in five, and we lost in seven to Montreal. It’s like, you know, emotional. Very emotional and it is my job to be unemotional about it. This is a good team, and there are some trends in hockey that we have to address in this team. It may be that we don’t get addressed until fall or halfway through the year, or July first, or before. You have to let things unfold sometimes. We’re not going to make too many changes to this team, but there will be some changes.” With that in mind, here’s a quick look at what the Bruins may be looking at for each position next season: Forwards: The biggest changes will come to the fourth line, where the Bruins want to get younger, faster and develop a bit more of an offensive bent. There’s a very good chance inexpensive young players like Ryan Spooner and Justin Florek will get long looks on that line with incumbent Daniel Paille, which would mean a 13th-forward role for Gregory Campbell and a new home for unrestricted free agent Shawn Thornton. The Bruins will surely employ an enforcer-type, whether it’s Thornton or somebody else, but it would appear Boston won’t be dressing that “designated fighter” player on most nights in a departure from the way it’s been over the last seven seasons.