Tyler Seguin thought it might have been a hot dog. Johan Hedberg thought it could have been a hamburger. Yet another witness close to the ice surface insisted it was a pretzel. But whatever it was, it caused Seguin to make a critical do-over in the 2-1 shootout win at the Garden tonight. After Nathan Horton tied it at 1-1 with 4:05 left in regulation, the game went to the shootout and Seguin was the first up. On his first attempt, he beat Hedberg with a forehand shot, but he was made to do the shot over when a fan had thrown the Unidentified Food Object (as it was called by team spokesman Matt Chmura) from the stands. It came from the goalie's right and landed behind Hedberg as Seguin was about to shoot. "It looked yellow," said Seguin of the flying UFO. "It was quick. After it happened, I was kind of thinking that it must have been from the first bowl because it came hard across, not down, but I didn't get a good view. I think it probably affected me more than the goalie. I don't really understand how it affected him more, but someone looked up the rules and I guess it's a do over."