The Bruins lost to the Penguins on Sunday, but it was another loss - David Krejci leaving the game after a Johnny Boychuk snapshot to the knee - that could really hurt the team. Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy were in studio with Damon Amendolara to talk about the B's as of late, and what needs to be done in the near future. "The Krejci thing is worrisome," Ryan said. "It's not the single worst thing that could happen, or the second-worst thing, or the third, but it's in the five or six of people that you don't want to lose on this team. Particularly a team that is seating for some consistent offense. And when he plays well he's a beautiful player to watch. So I hope he's going to be OK." If the Krejci injury is serious, it'll be the second big hit to the Bruins in a short amount of time. Chris Kelly is out indefinitely after breaking a bone in his leg. That means the Bruins could - and according to Ryan - should be searching for another scorer before the trade deadline. "Yes. I think the Bruins need another, yet again, another scorer, another option, no question. And they definitely need to replace Kelly. He was just starting to play the way he played two years ago. He was a vital player. I know they have Pandolfo, he's 38, he's not the answer. The answer is out there somewhere, and Peter Chiarelli probably knows who it is, he just needs to find a way to get him."