There was a time when you watched the Bruins, the only way you could tell whether they were at home or away was by the color of their jersey. Their play at the Garden and on the road was that consistently good. That’s not been the case this year. Despite their overall struggles in the second half of the season, the B’s ended up with a 16-5-3 record at home, while they were only 12-9-3 on the road. And it’s gotten worse as the season’s gone on. The B’s are just 3-8-1 in their last 12 road games. Their last road win against a playoff team was March 21 in Ottawa. The drop-off raises the eyebrows a bit. Last year, the B’s went 24-14-3 at home and 25-15-1 on the road. In the Stanley Cup season of 2010-11, they went 22-13-6 at home and 24-12-5 on the road. And three years ago, when they had to make a late push to get into the postseason, they were 18-17-6 at home and 21-13-7 on the road. Those stats are appropriate to bring up today because, thanks to their loss in Saturday’s Game 2 at the Garden, the Bruins will have to win at least one road game if they want to advance. And they will have to do it in the city of Toronto, now bursting at the seams with excitement over its beloved hockey club. Ask most Bruins, and they’ll give you a quizzical look and a shrug as to why that’s the case, but Milan Lucic did his best to come up with an answer.