After all of the issues that have surrounded Brad Marchand this season and especially this week, Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli wanted to make one thing clear this morning. Asked a question about Marchand's struggles, and how much they're related to the lack of consistency on the third line, Chiarelli went off in a different direction, due to the reaction garnered from his comments from the day before. "Let me be clear on Marchy," he said. "I saw some of the aftermath yesterday from my comments. I'm not trading Marchy. He's a good player. I like the way he plays. "He'll figure it out, but when one guy struggles, the other guys unfortunately piggyback on those struggles. You need three guys really going. I don't care what guys say about pairs, you need three guys going and contributing. That's happening a little bit. But, as I said yesterday, he's finding his way." Chiarelli had expressed disappointment on Tuesday about Marchand's antics, when he mimed kissing his Stanley Cup ring in Vancouver and later mimed kissing the Stanley Cup.