Claude Julien said that, all things considered, the Bruins dodged a couple of bullets with the injuries to both Chris Kelly and David Krejci. Kelly is out indefinitely with a broken left tibia, but the injury is higher up on the bone in a location where it’s supposed to heal more quickly. Combining that knowledge with the fact that it could have been a season-ending knee injury, the Bruins will feel fortunate if they see their third-line center suiting up by the time the playoffs roll around. The same goes for Krejci, who managed to avoid a broken kneecap after absorbing a full blast Johnny Boychuk slapper off the top of the right knee in Sunday afternoon’s loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Instead the playmaking pivot is day-to-day with what the Bruins believe is a bruised knee, according to Claude Julien, and the team is measuring his return to the lineup in days rather than weeks. It feels odd to say, but Julien feels fortunate that things didn’t break more badly for the Black and Gold in each case. “We all know – the same thing with Chris Kelly, even though he’s out for awhile – that things could have been worse,” said Julien. “Those injuries could have been a lot worse. Considering where [Krejci] had been hit it could have been a lot worse, so right now we’re dealing with a day-to-day situation. We’ll see how he feels tomorrow and progress from there.”