The day started with Boston coach Claude Julien criticizing Vancouver winger Maxim Lapierre for his Game 2 antics, which included sticking his fingers in the face of Boston forward Patrice Bergeron. It ended with Julien apologizing for the behavior of his team, most notably winger Milan Lucic, for doing much the same thing to Vancouver winger Alex Burrows in the third period of Game 3 on Monday night. Burrows, of course, started all this finger-pointing in Game 1 when he chomped on Bergeron's glove. "Well, I'll tell you what, I said this morning that I wouldn't accept it on our team," Julien said after Boston's 8-1 blowout win. "It happened a couple of times tonight. They've been told that I don't want any of that stuff. "You know, like I said, you got to live by your words. It was disappointing for me to see that happen after what I said this morning. But part of it is my fault for not bringing it up to the guys. They did it. Emotions got the better of them … The guys have been told. I don't want that stuff in our game. I think we have to be better than that." Following Monday's game-day skate, Julien let it be known he did not appreciate Lapierre taunting Bergeron in Game 2. "It's not only annoying to the other team, it is to his teammates, too," Julien said in French. "Maybe there's a reason he has been on three teams this season."