Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said his team’s won/loss record during the final month of the season won’t have any impact on whether he returns to coach a sixth season in 2018. “It won’t have any effect on that,” Arians said Monday, a day after the Cardinals lost to the Rams 32-16 to drop to 5-7. “If anything, it makes me hungrier because I know what’s coming back – all those guys coming off that (injured-reserve) list.” Asked if his decision to continue coaching would be based mostly on his health, the 65-year-old Arians said: "Oh there will be other factors, but yeah. When and where I do it, you guys will be the first to know. Maybe the second." Who will be the first to know? “My wife,” Arians said, smiling. Speaking of next season, Arians said quarterback Blaine Gabbert was still very much in an audition phase regarding the player’s pending future in Arizona. He did say that both he and General Manager Steve Keim have had conversations about trying to re-sign Gabbert before he becomes an unrestricted free agent this spring.