Bruce Arians is an emotional guy. He doesn’t censor words or hold back tears. His heart can always be found on his sleeve. So it was no surprise that Sunday’s postgame press conference felt like a farewell to football, a goodbye to his first love, complete with the watery eyes and the lump in his throat. He says he still hasn’t made a decision on retirement and that all necessary meetings will happen on Monday. But it looked and sounded like the deal is already done. “Thank you all for coming to my house,” he said after the Cardinals’ 26-24 victory at CenturyLink Field. “Hope you get home safe.” If this was Arians’ final game as head coach of the Cardinals, he saved one of his finest barbs for last. “There is no better place to celebrate than in this locker room,” he added. The NFL is a dirty, bloody business. The sport only honors the survivors. There’s no room for sympathy or consolation prizes. There is rarely cause to celebrate a team with a .500 record.