The past few years have been a grind for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., seeing his production fall and his injury issues increase.

Beckham recently went on a Twitter rant with some cryptic messages, which included the statements “2nd act” and “God. Thank you for clarity.” The tweets set off some alarm bells, but it was later reported by Kim Jones of the NFL Network that Beckham was talking about his rehab from a torn ACL.

Beckham’s future is always a topic of debate, mostly due to consistent trade rumors. However, Fox Sports Radio host Jason Smith had a different spin on the Beckham speculation and believes OBJ is nearing the end of his career playing football.

“Here’s the thing about Odell Beckham’s tweet storm today: I don’t know how happy football makes him,” Smith said. “If you asked me where he’ll be in two years I’d say he’ll be retiring from the National Football League and on to doing something else. He’ll have one more stop after Cleveland and if he’s not the same player then he will retire. If football is not making him happy, something else will.”