A 55-year-old Cleveland fan named Scott E. Entsminger made plenty of headlines Monday with his recent death because of his post-mortem wish to employ six Browns as pallbearers to carry his casket so the team could “let him down one last time." It was a clever joke by a lifelong Browns fans, and luckily, the organization is taking the dig in stride. Entsminger's favorite player apparently was Hall of Famer Lou Groza, and PFT writes that team will give a personalized No. 76 jersey (which happened to be Groza's number) to Entsminger's wife at his memorial service Tuesday. According to his obituary, Entsminger was “a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan and season ticket holder [who] also wrote a song each year and sent it to the Cleveland Browns as well as offering other advice on how to run the team.” Now, the team will repay him in kind in a nice gesture by an organization that could have been offended by Entsminger's request. Instead, the Browns have given his family an extremely thoughtful present to let them know that the team cares about its fans. Even if they, in their final wishes, playfully insult the franchise.