The AJ McCarron trade debacle has laid bare the plain fact that Browns coach Hue Jackson and the people who run Cleveland’s front office are not a good fit. But that should have been clear long ago. In fact, it was clear to many people outside the Browns’ facility. It just wasn’t clear to the Browns. When Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam fired coach Mike Pettine and General Manager Ray Farmer after the 2015 season, they quickly moved on to make a radical overhaul of their approach to building a team. That overhaul was exemplified by the hiring of Paul DePodesta, a baseball analytics expert who was one of the central figures in Moneyball. The Haslams were clear: They were going to go all-in on the Moneyball approach, to a greater extent than any NFL team had done before. And then they proceeded to pair the Moneyball front office with Jackson, who doesn’t have an analytics background and doesn’t seem to believe in that approach.