Yes Browns' fans, Jamie Collins. The same Jamie Collins that absolutely tore it up at the combine and the same Jamie Collins that I have been sniffing around and tweeting about for quite some time now. With everyone focusing on the 1st round (including me) I've been trying to divert some of my time and attention to the uncharted territory of "The 3rd Round". It's easy for fans and draftniks alike to say who we think is the best of the best in the first round, but you start to separate yourself when you can begin to pull out "gems" from the mid and later rounds. And since we don't have a 2nd round pick in April, per se, I am of the opinion that we must land an impact player with big upside in the 3rd round. Based on Joe Banner's comments to the media this week regarding last season's performance on defense - where among all NFL teams the Browns' were ranked 11th in sacks; 11th in interceptions; tied for 8th in forced fumbles; 24th in total points allowed allowing 302 points; 13th in pass deflections; and 24th in points per game at 18.9 points - I suspect and believe defense will remain the focus of the Browns' brain trust as we enter into the 3rd round. If you haven't, I suggest you check out Jamie Collins. I absolutely love this kid's fit in Horton's defense. He jumped off the tape as an explosive athlete who I feel can effectively translate his college skills to the next level. He can function as a pass rushing specialist, help stop the run or drop into coverage. He's long and lean and has been on several teams' radar as a mid-round "gem" for a while now.