Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that Browns owner Dee Haslam went “nuclear” on the front office after the team’s failed attempt to trade for Bengals backup QB A.J. McCarron. The Browns have been doing damage control the past 24 hours after reports mentioned that they bungled the McCarron trade just before the deadline. Cleveland has made the case that they signed the appropriate paperwork to complete the trade, sent it to the Bengals, and then submitted it to the NFL. According to the Browns, it was the Bengals who sent the document signed by just one team to the league and it was too late at that point to complete a deal. Sources tell Florio that the Browns and Bengals should have separately informed the league office of the terms of the trade. “Only requirement is for both clubs to separately notify the league office via email of trade terms,” a source tells Florio. “If trade terms match, deal done. No need to sign paperwork and submit prior. Have 15 days to submit trade papers (with terms that identically match emails).”