Damn the torpedoes especially if they strike you broadside ... NFL head coaches field a thousand questions during a long season. It’s understandable if some answers are better or more inspiring than others. (When the rest of us can maneuver past “Do these jeans make me look fat?” without taking self-inflicted shrapnel we’ll be more critical.) Rob Chudzinski no doubt has some good feelings about the work Brandon Weeden did in relief of Brian Hoyer Thursday against Buffalo. He said as much following the 37-24 win. But when asked Friday why he thought Weeden Part II could produce better results than Part 1 this is what he said: “Because we have no other choice. That’s what we’re going to do. Everybody who plays regardless of position we expect to do well.” Feel better? According to reports the Browns won’t pursue former Tampa quarterback Josh Freeman. Whether because of talent evaluation or the contentious circumstances around his final days in Tampa showing no interest in Freeman means the Browns still could use a Plan B to their Plan B. Best-case scenario Weeden proves to be better than Freeman. Still the way Weeden holds the ball in the pocket invites sacks. Sacks invite injury. Then what? Jason Campbell leapfrogged by Hoyer for the Minnesota start despite having made 70 more career starts than the St. Ignatius grad wasn’t active Thursday. Freeman makes sense for the Browns as Campbell’s replacement at the very least. Maybe Freeman wouldn’t have had interest in a backup role -- believing he’s still a starter – as he shops for a new job.