Jerry Rice, watch out. Browns Josh Gordon plans on unseating him as the best to ever play the game. "Ultimately my goal is to be the best wide receiver of all time, so I think any wide receiver, any position should see themselves in that way,'' Gordon said Wednesday in his first interview in Berea since reporting to the team on Tuesday. "For me, that's always been my goal, and it's just been re-affirmed for me time and time again and now being back in the situation to do it, I plan on seeing it through.'' Gordon won't beat himself up for not being able to play since the end of 2014 because of multiple violations of the substance abuse policy. He's been suspended for 51 of his last 56 games and has spent more than 100 days in rehab. "No regrets,'' he said. "That whole experience was fundamental for my growth.'' Gordon said his one-on-one meeting Tuesday with Jackson went well. "It was good,'' he said. "It was a bunch of laughs, a bunch of smiles, coach Jackson's a great guy. He understands football, he understands players and me and him have a good relationship. He's supportive more than anything. He's just shown his support throughout the entirety of my transition coming back and I'm glad to be working with him and I'm glad that he's here.''