All it took for Josh Gordon to finally believe he belongs in the Pro Bowl conversation was to set the NFL record with 774 yards in the last four games, to break the Browns' single-season receiving record with 1,400 yards and to blow past Detroit's Calvin Johnson for most yards in the NFL this season. That's not to mention his league-leading 127.4 yards per game and 19.7 per catch, or his NFL-best 24 catches of 20 yards or more. “Hopefully with the rest of the season -- if the numbers stay where they are and I can do good individually -- yeah, I definitely expect to be there,'' Gordon said of making the all-star squad. It marked a dramatic departure from the last two times Gordon was asked that question over the past three weeks. In the days leading up to the Pittsburgh game Nov. 24, he said, "I think it's too early for that, honestly, but hopefully one day I can reach that goal as well." The following week, after racking up 237 yards against the Steelers, he still wasn't feeling it. "I've still got a lot more to prove and if it's going to be, I hope it's an undeniable-type thing and I know I deserved it,'' he said before the Jaguars game Dec. 1. "I don't want it to be just hearsay and build up a hype around it for something that's not true. I definitely want to go out there and prove it.'' How's a club-record 261 yards against the Jaguars for trying to prove it? And if that wasn't evidence enough, his 151 against the Patriots pretty much clinched the deal in his mind. He's also piled up five touchdown passes during his blistering four-game stretch, including an 80-yard catch and run against the Patriots and his league-long 95-yarder against the Jaguars. Even the undiva-like Gordon had to admit, in his quiet voice, that he's playing right up there with the best of 'em this season. To put it in perspective, his 774 yards in the last four games equal Pro Bowl Larry Fitzgerald's total -- for all 13 games.