Browns general manager Ray Farmer is enamored with former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and will strongly consider him at No. 26, league sources have told The sources said Farmer has had a fascination with Bridgewater since last fall, and would like to land him at No. 26. Bridgewater has slipped on some teams' draft boards because of a shaky pro day last month. ESPN's Jon Gruden went so far as to say on a conference call last week that he'd take a quarterback off his board if he had a lackluster pro day. But apparently it hasn't dissuaded Farmer, who also conducted a private workout with Bridgewater along with other staffers and brought him in for a visit. During his Pro Day, Bridgewater shed his trademark glove -- one that helped him win 30 games at Louisville including a school-record 12 last year -- for the showcase in front of 29 NFL teams, and it proved to be a colossal mistake. Bridgewater completed only 57 of 65 attempts, including two drops, and his Pro Day was ripped from coast to coast by analysts such as NFL Network's Mike Mayock, who dubbed it "average at best'' with a "lot of inaccuracy.'' With a bare hand, he wasn't the same quarterback who finished second in the NCAA in 2013 with a 71 percent completion percentage and set a school record with a career mark of 68.3 percent. “From this day forward, I’m going to do what got me here, and that’s wearing a glove,'' he said on NFL Network. "I was able to learn that from the Pro Day, to continue to do what you’re comfortable doing, continue to do what got you in this situation in the first place. I’ve been wearing gloves the past three years, so I’ll get back into the glove business.” So why did he pick that all-important day to let his digits roam free?