When Ray Horton was named Browns defensive coordinator there was a slight semantics difference between he and coach Rob Chudzinski in describing the ultimate look of the unit. Chudzinski called it a “hybrid 3-4” and Horton called it “an attacking defense using multiple fronts.” As Horton prepares to debut his full defensive look in the opener Sunday against the Miami Dolphins he explained the ambiguity of categorizing his defense. “Whether we’re a 2-5 (front alignment) or 4-3 or 3-4 or 4-4 we’re gonna use all of those” he said. “The beauty of the package our guys they’re all smart and all interchangeable. We have multiple players that can play multiple positions. I don’t think anybody will categorize us as a ‘something.’ They’ll say ‘Wow they play a lot of stuff.’” New year new team: A year ago Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a breakout game against Horton’s Arizona defense in his fourth start as a rookie. Tannehill completed 26 of 41 passes for 431 yards and one touchdown. Hartline had 12 catches for a Dolphins-record 253 yards including an 80-yard TD. The Cardinals won in overtime 24-21. “I think I’m most impressed with his poise” Horton said of Tannehill. “He’s athletic a former wide receiver in college. He’ll get growth in the league. He’s got touch on his passes. I believe he was the highest-ranked QB in completions over 21 yards last year.” Browns linebacker Paul Kruger had an interesting observation about Tannehill. “I think people underestimate his speed” Kruger said. “When you dive into the tape I would compare him to Cam Newton or Robert Griffin 3 type of speed. You’ll see some plays that will really surprise you. He’s got a good arm. I think he’s got a huge future. From what I’ve seen on tape the guy can really do some special things.”