he search goes on: The elimination of the San Diego Chargers in the AFC playoffs by the Denver Broncos on Sunday means three things for the Browns: 1. San Diego offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt is now available to be hired as head coach. 2. Denver offensive coordinator Adam Gase still is not. 3. This thing isn’t close to being wrapped up. Whisenhunt interviewed late last week with Detroit, Tennessee and the Browns, who interviewed him twice last year before rejecting him. The Lions are seen as the front-runner to hire Whisenhunt. The Titans and Browns still want to interview other candidates involved in the playoffs – Tennessee is waiting for Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and the Browns are waiting for Gase. The network pre-game “insiders” on Sunday reported the Browns will wait it out for Gase, and may want to interview Carolina defensive coordinator Sean McDermott and also Auburn University head coach Gus Malzahn. None of the national “insiders” bit on the Jim Tressel non-story. There also were reports that the Browns are not on the same page in the direction they want to pursue (denied by a team source), that fired coach Rob Chudzinski has been “honest” when asked by potential candidates about the Browns’ situation, and that the Browns’ job league-wide is seen as “radioactive.” This is not a good look. Actually, this is a bad look.