Jordan Cameron has virtually disappeared the past two weeks, and he knows he needs to work harder to get open for Jason Campbell. "I need to speed things up and I need to find a way to get open,'' said Cameron. "I need to try to get in there and do more. I need to step up and make plays and do whatever I can to help this team. That's my goal.'' In the past two games, Cameron has totaled just 33 yards on seven carries with a long catch of eight yards, and no TDs. Since Jason Campbell has taken over the past three games, Cameron has 11 catches for 114 yards (38 average) and no touchdowns. He flashed open early in the end zone on the Browns' first trip inside the red zone last week, but Campbell rolled right and missed him. Cameron's recent lack of production is in stark contrast to his first seven games, when he caught 45 passes for 515 yards (73.5 average) with six touchdowns. He alluded Friday to "some chemistry things here and there, but I don't think that's a problem at all. I've just been getting a lot more attention so it's harder to get open. They pay attention to what you're doing. They're hitting you in all areas, and I just think it's the way the defense has been playing.'' Cameron clarified that the chemistry issues are more about the coverage than a lack of communication between him and Campbell. "I don't think it's Jason at all,'' he said. "They're jamming you at the line and then there's someone hitting you at the second level, so it's just harder chemistry with the route. The timing is a little off.'' He stressed that it's all on him to wriggle free. "I've got to work on releases and find ways to get in the seam or get on the outside a little bit more,'' Cameron said. "It's but it's just a matter of seeing the look and adjusting to it and trying to get open any way I can.'' Cameron, the only Browns tight end besides Ozzie Newsome with six or more TDs in a season, knows it will be tough against the Steelers, especially with Pro Bowl safety Troy Polamalu manning the middle.