Brandon Weeden might fit well in the Browns' new vertical, downfield passing attack, but coach Rob Chud­zinski said Wednesday it's "premature" to label Weeden as next season's starting quarterback. Chud­zinski announced offensive coordinator Norv Turner will handle play-calling duties in addition to serving as the team's quarterbacks coach. With those details ironed out, Chud­zinski and Turner must get together with the rest of the staff and evaluate the roster to determine how they'll approach free agency in March and the draft in April. Figuring out the team's quarterback situation is at the top of the list, Chud­zinski conceded. "That's what the evaluation process is," Chud­zinski said during Turner's introductory news conference. "It's going through and looking at guys and projecting them. 'Hey, this guy can be this. At the end of the day, this guy can be that type of player.' And then does that fit in scheme-wise? And what can we do to adjust scheme-wise to anybody we're talking about? Certainly [the quarterback] position is a critical position in the offense, and we'll be going through that early on in that evaluation process." Turner spent the past six seasons as the coach of the San Diego Chargers, and he's familiar with the Browns because they defeated the Chargers 7-6 on Oct. 28 in Cleveland. Turner believes Weeden has the attributes needed to run his style of offense. "In terms of the style of offense we have, you look at the tape and identify things that I think Brandon does well that we're going to ask him to do," Turner said. "I looked at things where I know he needs to improve, needs to get better to do the things we want him to do. But I think he has a lot of the skill set that we're looking for. And again, this is early in terms of an evaluation, but he does have a big arm and he can throw the ball up the field." Still, Weeden, the 22nd overall pick in last year's draft, will need to prove himself in the offseason. The Browns have Weeden and fellow quarterbacks Colt McCoy and Thaddeus Lewis under contract for this year, but they might acquire someone else to intensify the position battle in training camp.