The numbers adding up alongside Dustin Brown’s name do not paint a picture of a memorable first half. With seven goals and 13 points through his first 41 games, he’s on pace for his lowest totals since his first two NHL seasons. Since recording an assist on an Anze Kopitar power play goal 42 seconds into a 7-4 win over the Phoenix Coyotes on October 24, Brown has appeared in 65 minutes and 39 seconds of power play time without having recorded a point. “I mean, I could be a hell of a lot better,” he said. “If I can pick my game up and elevate my game – I’m sure there’s other guys who feel the same way – our team is going to get better. For me, it’s just about getting my game back, and a lot of it’s just details for me. So I’ve just got to focus on those from game to game and be ready to go.” After noting Brown’s production was “off” following the game at Dallas on December 31, Darryl Sutter spoke again on his puzzling lack of production at Toyota Sports Center this morning. “He’s struggled in that whole part. Brownie’s game has been a struggle from day one. Right from last spring,” Sutter said. “It’s like whenever Brownie has a good game, everybody always [says], ‘Oh, jeez, that’s Brown,’ and they look at the [scoresheet], and it says that he got eight hits, or scored two goals, and they’ll go ‘hopefully that’ll get him going.’” One thing that could get Brown going could be the natural progression up to the mean of his shooting percentages. His 6.4 shooting percentage this season is well off his career mark of 10.2 and just over half of his 12.7 percentage from a season ago, when he scored 18 goals in 46 games.