Nets general manager Billy King approached reporters today with his right wrist in a soft cast. He's the latest Net to go under the knife, joining Deron Williams and athletic trainer Tim Walsh. King said Walsh had surgery on his foot. Next up will be Brook Lopez. The Nets center will have "minor" surgery next week to remove the calcium deposit in his right arm. King said that was going to be a possibility. Lopez played with it for most of the season and didn't miss a game. We'll know more about the surgery and recovery when it happens. As for King, he had a broken bone in his hand – and no, it wasn't from slamming his fist down on his table during the Carmelo Anthony drama. King called it "a common baseball and amateur golf injury." His recovery is similar to Williams: soft cast for two weeks and then can begin playing golf after 6-8 weeks. But he can still use his cell phone, which is all that really matters. This is another important offseason for the Nets, and the first of the King-Avery Johnson regime. They will be busy, no doubt. The Nets have two draft picks, cap space – we don't know how much until the new collective bargaining agreement is reached – and plenty of holes to fill.