Brook Lopez isn’t a doctor, but he’s dealt with enough issues with his right foot he didn’t need one to tell him what had happened when the X-rays came back after he awkwardly fell on it during the Nets’ loss to the 76ers in December. “I’ve seen enough before,” Lopez said Sunday night at halftime of the Nets’ 93-81 win over the Pelicans, “to recognize that line on the X-ray.” Lopez was sitting on a chair inside Barclays Center’s interview room, meeting with the media for the first time since suffering his season-ending injury. It has only been in the last few days he has been allowed to leave his house on a regular basis, after being mostly bedridden for the past several weeks following surgery early last month. He admitted the hardest part has been being stuck in bed with little to do but think about his current situation. “Yeah, I mean you can only sleep so much,” he said with a weak smile. “I tried to read a lot, write and draw and stuff like that. “But you do get to thinking. It’s inevitable. You try to focus on the positives. In my case, I just go crazy if I dwell on that stuff for too long.” Lopez said teammate Shaun Livingston — who went through his own devastating injury back in 2006 when he severely injured his left knee and leg — had been particularly helpful in keeping his spirits up. “Just remain positive,” Livingston said when asked what advice he’d given Lopez. “Keep positive people around you. Your family, your trainers, people that believe in you. That will carry over to how he approaches every day.