Denver Bronco Von Miller missed a hearing in Arapahoe County Court on Monday morning, and the presiding magistrate was not amused. Miller, a third-year linebacker, was scheduled to appear at 10:30 a.m. for two ongoing cases connected to traffic violations, according to court records. Miller's attorney, Abraham Hutt, appeared without his client. "The court finds it rather ridiculous he doesn't appear this morning and he's mere blocks away. That's what's made a spectacle of these issues," said Magistrate Christina Apostoli. Hutt promised Apostoli that Miller would arrive in court within minutes. Apostoli had rejected a request by Hutt on Friday to waive Miller's appearance. Miller was believed to be at Dove Valley, the Broncos' nearby training facility. Miller was arrested in August after he failed to appear in court for traffic violations connected to a ticket issued in October 2012. In that case, Miller was charged with driving without a license, failure to display proof of insurance and careless driving.