What really bothers the Broncos about the Super Bowl? Besides 43-8, that is. An irritant to any football player's pride is the notion he was beaten up. That the Seattle Seahawks were more physical. It's OK to get beat. But beaten up? Never. Amazing what Kam Chancellor's early hit that decleated Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas will do to the overall perception of that Super Bowl played Feb. 2 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. "I think a lot of talk has been made about how physical a defense is, and I know that can have an effect on the offense," Broncos tight end Julius Thomas said Wednesday after the team's conditioning workout. "But I don't think that their defense is so much more physical than some defenses we've played. "We've played against good defenses. What we can't allow a team to do is keep us from executing. I think more so was what we didn't do, the things we left out there, than them being physical. In order to get hit, you usually have to have the ball.