Von Miller is entering his ninth NFL season after recently turning 30, but if all goes according to plan, the 2019 season will only mark the halfway point of his career. 

On Tuesday, the Broncos superstar pass rusher revealed that he's eyeing the kind of career that measures up to the career that Bruce Smith put together. When NFL Network's James Palmer asked Miller how much longer he intends to play in the NFL, Miller said that he's aiming for a career that lasts anywhere between 18-20 years.

"I think I'm halfway. I think I'm almost to halfway right now," he said. "Eighteen-to-twenty would be good for me. Bruce Smith played 20 years, 200 sacks. That's the gold standard for pass rushers right there."

Smith, as Miller alluded to, is the all-time leader in career sacks with 200. Miller, after eight seasons in the NFL, is tied for the 33rd on the all-time leaderboard with 98 sacks. But if he continues to sack quarterbacks at his current pace, he'll have a chance to catch Smith.