By all accounts Von Miller is a great teammate a sensational football player a good kid who is learning the hard way that it's time to grow up. Easy to say difficult to execute. For Miller is a kid at heart. A ferocious pass rusher the 24-year-old Miller is fun and fun-loving when mixing with the guys in the Broncos' locker room. He loves to joke and has the type of humor where he doesn't mind poking fun at himself. "An uplifting guy" said cornerback Champ Bailey. "When things are down he'll come around and lighten the mood. I love that about him." There is something highly likable about the kid from DeSoto Texas and Texas A&M. It even showed at the NFL awards ceremony. In balloting for the 2011 NFL defensive rookie of the year award voters saw 14 sacks for San Francisco's Aldon Smith and 11½ sacks for Miller. Yet Miller received 39 votes; Smith had 11. There is a measure of popularity in every balloting process. Miller has "it." And marketers know it. His endorsement deals include Gatorade and Adidas. Companies offering him $20000 for appearances have discovered that's not quite in the ballpark. There is so much Miller has going for him and because of that he has so much to lose his image tarnished as he faces a four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy. He has appealed the suspension with a hearing set for mid-August. "He's one of the more genuine trusting and affable guys I've worked with in the 17 years I've been in this business" said Joby Branion Miller's agent. "He wears his heart on his sleeve. And like so many in his generation he lives for the moment — often influenced more by the excitement of spontaneity than the tedium of prudence."