In January 2013, the football-following world got to know the name of Broncos safety Rahim Moore due to his role in a play that allowed the Ravens to force overtime in an AFC divisional-round playoff game against the Ravens. In November 2013, Moore’s name nearly became even more memorable — for an entirely different reason. As explained by Joan Niesen of, Moore came close to having his left leg amputated due to acute compartment syndrome. A condition that entails pressure continuously mounting within a compartment of muscle, nerves, and veins, serious consequences may occur without fact action. It happened the night after the Broncos had hosted the Chiefs, a game with significant potential playoff implications. Moore’s leg hadn’t felt right since pre-game drills, and he eventually pulled himself from the contest to have the leg checked. “I got an X-ray, and they told me there was no broken bone, no fracture, and I was like, ‘Cool. OK — what else in the world can it be?’” Moore said. The pain in the leg dissipated after the game, but the situation suddenly got worse as Moore was getting ready for bed.