Knee-jerk Definition: readily predictable.....reacting in a readily predictable way From the tendency of the knee to jerk involuntarily when hit sharply, properly called the patellar reflex. That was recorded by Sir Michael Foster in his Text-book of physiology, 1877: "Striking the tendon below the patella gives rise to a sudden extension of the leg, known as the knee-jerk." Champ Bailey gets burned, thrice, twice for TD's. Broncos lose the game, Champ should move to safety...right? The best way to define this reaction is "knee jerk". Peyton Manning had three turnovers, should he be benched (or cut) so that the reign of Oz may begin? Rahim Moore committed one of the most egregious errors in Broncos history, GET RID OF HIM! The Broncos defense allowed 38 points, guess they really weren't elite then right? Let's continue forward in this article under the following premise: there are no sure things in the NFL. 13 game winning streak, top 5 defense/offense, 10 point favorites....there are no sure things in the NFL. We as a fanbase convinced ourselves we were the best. And quite possibly we were, still....there are no sure things in the NFL. What this led to though was a letdown of gargantuan proportions. The season ended way too early for all of us, I know the feeling, in fact, let's continue with another premise: in defeat everything is amplified.