Suspended Denver Broncos Pro Bowl linebacker Von Miller unsuccessfully attempted to corrupt the NFL's drug-testing program with the help of a urine collector before each was caught in a matter that will affect how the NFL's collection testing procedures are done moving forward league sources said. This helps explain why Miller's four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy suddenly and mysteriously was increased to six games and easily could have been up to a year the sources said. Miller's initial diluted sample counted as a positive test and led to notification of his four-week suspension under the NFL's substance-abuse policy. While Miller's reps and the NFLPA were prepared to fight the suspension vigorously in the appeals process sources said the NFL NFLPA and Miller's representatives became aware the Broncos linebacker and the collector involved worked together in an attempt to help Miller avoid a failed test. Sources said the collector worked in Miami where Miller spends offseason time and the collector reveled in knowing the Broncos linebacker while being according to a source "star struck." It led sources said to the collector's willingness to substitute another person's urine specimen for Miller. It might have worked sources said had a second collector not discovered that Miller was not in the city where his collection was supposed to have taken place. "He's fast" one source said of Miller "but he's not that fast." One source was "reasonably certain" no money changed hands between Miller and the collector but that there was concern the NFL may have a problem beyond Miller and the collector involved. The NFL and the NFLPA declined comment. Miller's agent Joby Branion declined comment Sunday morning as did representatives of the testing company Drug Free Sport. Another source said after the NFL learned details in the Miller case it summoned representatives of the testing company to New York in late August to meet with league officials to review collection procedures that could enhance the process in the NFL/NFLPA joint testing program. Repeated calls to Drug Free Sports this weekend went unanswered.