Back in April, Johnny Manziel made headlines for the same reason he's made headlines since his release from the Browns: doing something outrageous. The former Browns quarterback allegedly trashed a $4.5 million house in Los Angeles, managing to do $32,000 worth of damage. Now he's reportedly being sued by the homeowner for damages. According to TMZ, attorney Niki Ghazian, on behalf of Nicholas Goodwin and The Goodwin Group, is demanding $40,000 for the damages done by Manziel and his crew. The attorney claims Goodwin was approached about renting the house, a 5,000-sq. foot Hollywood Hills mansion, by someone who claimed to be named "Travis" but who was, quite obviously, Johnny Manziel. "Travis" promised to "keep things low key" over the two-night rental and reportedly agreed to pay a fine if more than 15 people were at the house at any given time.