Brittany Renner can’t keep PJ Washington’s name out of her mouth, and I can say she’s obsessed with him and probably wants a comeback. During her exclusive interview with Vladtv, she played a toxic voicemail she left for PJ, presumably to let everyone know how she hates him.

In this clip, Brittany Renner opened up about her relationship with PJ Washington and how things ended up taking a turn for the worse. She spoke about being angered by PJ Washington’s “faking it all along” tweet even though he claimed he was quoting a song lyric. She played an angry voicemail that she left Washington after seeing the viral tweet. Brittany explained how PJ drove her insane and said the fallout from their breakup made her “psycho.”

If you recall, Washington was dropping a lot of subliminal disses to Renner after their breakup.