In the media, and all over Twitter, capturing the banter between these two stars seemed to be priority one. The rivalry is fun, it’s gripping, and it has been going on for several seasons with no real end in sight.

Whenever the Flames and Kings play each other, Doughty and Tkachuk are almost certain to get questions about their rivalry in pre-game or post-game interviews. Usually, they give fairly vanilla answers, as hockey players are known to do. But if you were paying attention to Doughty’s Oct. 18 interview, setting up the next day’s match against Calgary, you may have caught this intriguing nugget.

“I think it’s good to have guys going at it, but I have a guy I go at it with on every team […] That’s just how it is. It just happens he plays in Calgary so a bigger deal is made about it. I have multiple rivalries with multiple guys on every team, but you guys just don’t know about it. “

So far this season, the only comparable player feud to Tkachuk/Doughty, in terms of quality and quantity of banter, might be between Evander Kane and Ryan Reaves. It’s still early in the season, but two is kind of a sad number.

According to Doughty, there are far more than two player rivalries in the NHL that the reporters (and by extension, the fans) just don’t know about. Apparently the banter and juicy sound bites are taking place beyond the reach of the media’s microphones.