One of the biggest storylines to come out of Seattle Seahawks training camp so far is the team’s desire to utilize its running backs more in the passing game.

On Tuesday, Brian Schottenheimer put a number on how many targets he expects stating running back Chris Carson to see as a receiver.

“We need to get that number around the 50s,” Schottenheimer said. “That would be a great situation for us.”

That number isn’t outrageous compared to a guy like Alvin Kamara and his 105 targets in 2018. But it’s significant when you consider that Carson saw just 24 targets a year ago. Schottenheimer said the coaching staff came to the determination over the offseason that they could and would get more out of Carson.

“Chris can help us win in a lot of ways,” the offensive coordinator said. “One of the ways that he wasn’t last year was in the passing game.”

Carson isn’t your stereotypical pass-catching running back like a Kamara, but his hands might be on par.