The Knicks didn’t anticipate that Derrick Rose would be in Los Angeles as long as he’s been for his sexual assault civil trial and are considering sending an assistant coach there to work with him. Rose left the team the morning of Oct. 5 and has missed five practices and two preseason games. Coach Jeff Hornacek said he hasn’t added that much to the offense, but if the trial continues into next week, a member of his staff could meet Rose in Los Angeles. “Our hope was that he would be done on Monday or Tuesday and maybe be back,” Hornacek said after practice Thursday. “It is what it is. He’s got to deal with that. We’ve got to continue to work with our other players, get them to be better.” Hornacek said he’s not worried about Rose staying in shape. He has been working out with his trainer and had said that if he was away from the team, he would do “penitentiary workouts” of push-ups and sit-ups.