Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts went 3-for-4 with one RBI in his first big-league baseball game in more than a year after being sidelined with recurring concussion symptoms. As good as he was on the field Tuesday, his performance may have been even better in the news conference afterward. When Roberts is willing, he can be one of the more thoughtful, introspective players in baseball. Boy, was he willing Tuesday. So much so that I thought it was worth sharing a bunch of the quotes with you in blocks. Did you take in the standing ovation/moment in your first at-bat? "I did. I actually got a little more emotional than I thought I was going to. It took me a second to gather myself. It was very special and much appreciated, that's for sure. Everyone has been so good to me here in my career, the fans have been so great and supportive of me the whole time. That was very special."