Brian Kelly is no longer in South Bend but controversies during his time with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish seem to continue hounding him. Recently, former Notre Dame football head coach and legend of the sport Lou Holtz made a revelation about Brian Kelly not responding to any of the letters he sent him during the latter’s time with the storied football program.

“I wrote Brian Kelly maybe 8 positive letters during his time at Notre Dame, and I go to the mailbox everyday hoping I’m going to find an answer. He never responded to one of them,” said Holtz (h/t Johnny Congdon of ABC 33/40 News). “I’m sure he’ll be very successful at LSU, he’s been everywhere,” Holtz added. “But he’s gonna find that he’s not gonna be playing Toledo, he’s not gonna be playing Marshall. His conference is a little bit different.”

It’s sad to hear Lou Holtz tell a story like that. He certainly deserves a response, even just one, from Brian Kelly. That being said, we are also yet to hear Brian Kelly’s side of the story.