Class reunions can be awkward as the turntable plays a nostalgic melody and you hope your arthritic knee doesn’t give out on the dance floor. But if you look at the Orlando Magic yearbooks over the decades, it seems that Brian Hill and John Gabriel never really left. Hill has lived in the area since 1990 when he joined the Magic as an assistant under Matt Guokas. Gabriel’s tenure dates to 1987 when Pat Williams hired him as the director of player personnel, director of scouting and assistant coach. There’s a lot of history in between, including success, heartbreaks, hirings and firings, and a debilitating disease. The book flips to another chapter, as we welcome them back, sort of, in an official/unofficial role as consultants for the 2017-18 season. The team has made no announcement, and the Magic really didn’t need to go through formalities anyway. We’re talking family.