Former Falcons wide receiver Brian Finneran, who’s now a local radio personality on 680 The Fan’s The Front Row show, painted a bleak picture of the upcoming season during a segment on the SiriusXM NFL Radio show. On the eve of mandatory minicamp, Finneran tossed out this bomb when asked about pressure to win this season on a recent segment on NFL Radio. “But owners want you to win regardless of who’s on the field,” Finnernan said. “Who’s hurt and who’s not. They’ve got to do that this year or unfortunately, heads are going to roll because that’s the nature of this beast.” A transcript is below, but some of the highlights included: –He’s not very high on the defense. –He believes Coach Mike Smith might and the team is too tight and stressed out. “To say guys are a little tight and maybe a little stressed is maybe an understatement, especially on that coaching staff.” –He doesn’t know how they are going to replace Tony Gonzalez. –Rates 50-50 as the odds that Steven Jackson can get the rushing attack moving. –Joe Hawley will win the starting center competition. –If they stay healthy, the Falcons may make a wildcard playoff bid.