Hours after Domingo German’s disastrous start on Sunday, Brian Cashman told Bruce Beck on NBC Sports Final: “I think our starting pitching is good enough, but we want to make it better.”

The Yankees GM, though, would prefer not to part with Clint Frazier to get another impact piece in the rotation.

“We’re lucky to have him,” Cashman said of Frazier. “He’s getting better. He’s a toolbox that every year since we’ve gotten him he’s exponentially improved.”

Granted, the 24-year-old outfielder could be one of the Bombers’ best trade chips given his potential. He’s blocked from an everyday role in the majors, but he also seems too good to deal for someone like a veteran second-tier starter. It would seemingly have to be a real difference-maker.

“We’d like to hold on to him,” Cashman said while suggesting there could very well be a more significant role for Frazier over time. “I know he’s someone that we’re going to get asked a lot about, and so far we’ve been able to say no and hand-check everything, but I’m a big Clint Frazier fan.