General manager Brian Cashman decided the New York Yankees should part ways with Joe Girardi because he felt that the manager's "connectivity" with the clubhouse was not good enough. "That's the primary position," Cashman said. During a more than one-hour conference call with New York-based reporters, Cashman said it would have been easy to "plug and play" and stay with Girardi after a decade that included a World Series title and six playoff appearances. But the overriding reason that Cashman soured on Girardi was the "connectivity and communication" issue with players, which was a concern to the GM as the Yankees move into their next phase of their youth movement led by Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and the rest of the Baby Bombers. Appearing at the same time on WFAN, Girardi was not aware of Cashman's comments, but he was asked about his relationship with the players. "I thought it was really good," he said, adding that he had received some "wonderful texts" from younger players after he was fired. Girardi denied rumors that he did not get along great with closer Aroldis Chapman or Sanchez, and the former catcher said the "sky is the limit" for Sanchez.